One of the most effective products for termite treatment in the Philippines has an active ingredient (Fipronil) that is at the center of a legal dispute over patented processes between two global pesticide industry giants: BASF and Makhteshim. This high-stakes battle in a United States Court has recently shifted into high gears as the termite season fully arrives bringing in high demand for termite control services in Metro Manila and key cities in the country.

Clients need not worry about this though as termite treatments would not be disrupted while this legal proceedings are underway because the supply of the said termiticide is steady and enough to serve the local market. Besides Fipronil, there are other safe and effective methods to address termite infestation problems in your home, office or commercial buildings.

One effective, reliable and the safest way to eliminate termite colonies that is available in the Philippines is the Sentricon System. It utilizes the natural behaviors of termites to eliminate the need for the release of high amounts of pesticides into the environment by attracting the termite workers and allowing them to distribute the poison throughout the colony, thus very small amounts are needed and contained within baiting stations. It is indeed safe for your family, pets and the environment.

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