Doing it yourself can be a good thing when it comes to gardening or decorating the interior of your house.  But when it comes to termite control, doing it yourself would eventually cost you more.  You could also be risking your home, the single biggest investment for most families.  Most importantly, you also run the risk of harming the ones you love.

Gardening can be enjoyable.   For some, it is a stress-reliever, a form of exercise, and even a bonding activity for couples or for parents and their kids.  It’s the same for projects like decorating your house interior or giving a new look to the front yard through a mini-landscaping project, which can be enjoyable and safe.

However, leave your termite problems and concerns to the professionals –specifically those with the right training, equipment and products to solve the problem. Why?

Why Termite Control is NOT a Do-it-Yourself Job

don't do it yourself

  • Termite exterminators have the specialized knowledge, skills and experience on the different types of termites that cause most structural problems.  Certain species require a different termite control approach.  The modern approach to termite control starts with proper diagnosis of the problem. It is followed by application of appropriate control measure that is not only effective but safe as well.
  • Only licensed pest control companies are allowed to buy and use restricted products that are registered specifically for termite treatment and control.  Those that can be bought in stores by the general public are either less potent or illegal.  So there is no guarantee when it comes to its effectiveness and safety to the user and the environment.
  • When you are done trying it yourself and the problem persists (or a new problem arises, such as your pet getting killed or your antique furniture discolored), you have no one to run after.  A trained specialist will have to do the job and would therefore cost you more, which could have been avoided in the first place.

Make sure to contact at least two termite control companies and check their credentials, list of clients and even call one or two to ask about their experience with the company’s services.  The protection of your investment is in your hands.  Don’t risk it.

For a reliable pest control company with 19 years of customer-focused service in the Philippines, call Bio-Tech Environmental at (02) 638-2566 or use this link to the contact page.


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