What are some good termite control practices to watch out for when looking for the right termite control service provider in the Philippines? Inspection and proper identification of termite species – A termite control professional always starts with proper diagnosis of the problem. Never trust a termite exterminator who gives you a recommendation (and/or a quote) without him seeing the problem first hand. Proposal and getting the clearance to proceed – If the anay control technician insists on straightaway spraying or pouring pesticides on your property, immediately kick…

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What should you look for when dealing with termite pest control service providers or anay/ termite exterminators? The Pest Control Philippines blog identified character and competence as attributes to look for in pest control professionals. These certainly apply to termite control professionals as well. These are especially relevant as termite problems often don’t get noticed until significant termite damage has been done to wooden furniture and structures. Thus, with enemies like these that are hidden from view, we rely on the competence of termite or anay exterminators to…

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Are all termites pests?

when termites become pests

The words “termite” and “pest” are almost always associated.  Does it follow then that all termites are pests?  If you answered yes, then the word “control” seem to naturally come to mind as you might want to keep the perceived problem at bay. No matter how apt the pest label is to termites that destroy structures, crops and objects important to man, there are many termite species that do not directly impact humans at all.  In fact, only a small proportion of termite species have been labeled as…

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Wishing You a Pest-free Holiday Season

Pests must be far from your minds this holiday season, especially with all the food, parties, gift-giving, shopping and merriment going on. Well, we agree.  May your holidays be worry-free. Merry Christmas from the Bio-Tech Environmental Family.  

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