The most modern and advanced approach to the use of pesticides for pest control is to use the most effective product against the target organism, that kills only the target group and does not harm those that are not targeted. And if the application can be done at the least possible rate of release of the poison to the environment, that would be by far the most desirable.

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These are the characteristics of termite baiting, which is undoubtedly the most effective in eliminating termite colonies and the safest to people, pets and the environment. The small amount of poison is contained in the bait station and not released to the environment. Utilizing the natural behavior of termite workers, the poison is taken from the bait station to the nest and spread throughout the colony without the termites knowing it.

Compared to the traditional method of soil poisoning, which unnecessarily releases so much pesticide to the environment without any guarantee of ever hitting the target pests, baiting is the obvious choice for those who would not take a chance in protecting their biggest investment in life, their homes. At the same time, they would not compromise the welfare of their loved ones and the environment.

Learn more about the most trusted baiting system against termites here.


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