It was indeed an early summer treat. After three days of knowledge bombardment, a true rest at last! The Amihan season has finally arrived (not to mention the lifting of the typhoon signal); the windbreakers along the beach were starting to be dismantled; and it was a perfect time to hit the beach. Let’s just say it was an early summer treat for the Bio-Tech Environmental Services Team. Too bad, we didn’t achieve our Boracay bodies before the event. Nonetheless, the beauty of the island kept us in awe.

Pest Summit 2012, Pest Control Professionals in Boracay beach

Our trip to Boracay Island for the Pest Summit 2012 gave us a short break from the hectics of the city life. Above all, this experience opened our eyes that the pest management industry is a real and growing industry, constantly innovating to meet the challenges of the future. Like the theme of this  Summit: Protecting the future, Sustaining the Industry, Bio-Tech Environmental Services Phils., Inc. is committed to the protection of the welfare and peace of mind of its clientele while doing its share in preserving the planet hence positioning itself as the Defender of the Modern Lifestyle.

Pest Summit 2012, Pest Control Professionals in Boracay

For most of us, it was our first participation in an international summit and we do hope to be part of next Pest Summit in Malaysia in 2014. See ya there!

By Don Johnson Neri, B.E.S.T. Quality Assurance Supervisor

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