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Bio-Tech uses the latest Termite Detection Technology

What’s worse than the thought of having termites inside your home eating away the biggest investment of your family?  Having to repair and restore the holes after a traditional termite inspection that involves tapping, drilling and poking, and still get no definitive answers as to the presence or absence of these pesky wood eaters, their location, or the extent of damage they have done inside the walls of your house. Why don’t you avail of Bio-Tech Environmental’s FREE termite inspection using the latest termite detection technology Termatrac®T3i?  Our highly…

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Don’t Let Termites Eat Your Money Away

Banknotes destroyed by termites

Yes, termites can eat your money away, literally!  We are not just talking about these pests devouring portions of your home, boats, furniture, paintings or antiques.  Termites are again in the news for almost eating away around $65,000 of banknotes stashed away in a wooden drawer in China. Fortunately for the old lady in Guangdong Province, bank employees were able to identify about 85% of the damaged banknotes.  Nonetheless, the act of ignoring the threat posed by termites cost her close to $10,000. A couple of years ago,…

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What can Homeowners Do to Prevent Termite or Anay Problems?

wood damaged by termites

As termites swarm in various parts of the Philippines at the onset of the rainy season, homeowners may start to worry and wonder what they can do to avoid losing their homes to or footing a huge bill to repair damage caused by termite infestation.  The following are some practical tips that homeowners can easily implement to help prevent future anay or termite problems on an existing structure. First, remember that termites feed on wood.  Therefore, remove wood in any form (logs, refuse, old furniture pieces, tree stumps,…

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Why doing it yourself will cost you more in termite control

don't do it yourself

Doing it yourself can be a good thing when it comes to gardening or decorating the interior of your house.  But when it comes to termite control, doing it yourself would eventually cost you more.  You could also be risking your home, the single biggest investment for most families.  Most importantly, you also run the risk of harming the ones you love. Gardening can be enjoyable.   For some, it is a stress-reliever, a form of exercise, and even a bonding activity for couples or for parents and their…

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