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Why is termite baiting a safer method for termite control?

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The most modern and advanced approach to the use of pesticides for pest control is to use the most effective product against the target organism, that kills only the target group and does not harm those that are not targeted. And if the application can be done at the least possible rate of release of the poison to the environment, that would be by far the most desirable. These are the characteristics of termite baiting, which is undoubtedly the most effective in eliminating termite colonies and the safest…

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One of the most effective products for termite treatment in the Philippines has an active ingredient (Fipronil) that is at the center of a legal dispute over patented processes between two global pesticide industry giants: BASF and Makhteshim. This high-stakes battle in a United States Court has recently shifted into high gears as the termite season fully arrives bringing in high demand for termite control services in Metro Manila and key cities in the country. Clients need not worry about this though as termite treatments would not be…

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